External version of the framework keyboard and touchpad

Lately I’ve been using a MOFT Z stand to raise my laptop screen up to a healthier height for extended use (had been getting some back pain from poor posture looking down). This obviously means using an external keyboard, since the keyboard is now raise well above the desk as well.

This could be a good opportunity for me to fall back down the mechanical keyboard rabbit hole, maybe get a split ergo keyboard, try DVORAK again, etc. But all that means retraining, and I’ve gotten really comfortable with the layout of the Framework laptop’s keyboard and touchpad.

Previously, I had an external monitor on my desk and would just hook that up to the laptop, so the laptop and keyboard stayed at desk height, but I could sit comfortably looking at the big fancy monitor. However, I’ve been travelling a lot more lately, and bringing an external monitor with me seems a little impractical.

With all that in mind, I’m wondering about an external keyboard and touchpad combo that is essentially a replica of the bottom half of the framework laptop.


Would be nice and honestly easily 3D printable. Only part I see a lot of potential troubles with is the converter.