Extremely high pitched sound coming from around CPU

There is a loud, constant sound around 19500Hz emanating from the CPU area of my 12th gen Framework (1280p). Not everyone can hear this, I was also wondering whether I’m hallucinating it, but the Spectroid app confirmed it.
This sound is on whenever there’s any nontrivial load on the machine, regardless of whether it’s plugged in or not. If I close most apps, it goes away after a while, suddenly. If I put the load back, it turns on suddenly.
Can anyone else reproduce this?

You have been directed in your previous thread to direct this concern to support.

You seem to not like that answer.

Given the issues you created in that last thread, this thread will also be closed. If you show disrespect to the moderators here or any other users in response to this there will be further repercussions.