Extremely high pitched constant sound coming from laptop

This is getting more annoying every day since I started noticing it. The laptop emits a constant sound above 19000 Hz. Unfortunately my hearing is good enough to catch it, and it’s actually very loud. See the peak on the image below:

This sound is constantly on, no matter whether the laptop is plugged in or not. Does anyone else notice this? Can someone else check with the Spectroid Android app or some other spectroscope?

It is not the fan. The sound is still on when the fans are off.
It is the loudest at the far end of the left side of the chassis, but it’s audible all around.

Actually it stops after a while… screen is still on, the fan is still off or very low, not sure what causes this. When I put some load on the machine it comes back

I’ve stated in the post that the sound is on no matter whether the laptop is plugged in or not. Would you mind deleting this question so as to not clutter the topic?

Sure I deleted both my replies to not clutter your thread. Enjoy!

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I mean no need to get offended, I asked you to remove a redundant comment, and you went ahead and deleted your other one as well with a bitter remark. I guess this thread is ruined now.

The only bitter remark I’m seeing in this thread is in your comment. This thread is not “ruined”, nor were the existing posts “cluttering” it.

@Anachron, a long-term, helpful member of the Framework Community, missed part of your post (entirely understandable, given that on my screen, the information you’re referring to requires me to scroll past an image before it appears) and asked for clarification so they could best help you. Instead of accepting their assistance and working with them to troubleshoot, you asked them to remove their post because it was cluttering the thread.

I’ll refer you to this section from the community guidelines:

If we deem it necessary, we will split or remove posts that are cluttering a thread. That said, in cases like this, where someone just made a mistake, politely tell them that you already provided the answer and move on. There is no harm in providing more information than required when troubleshooting, and attempting to curate a community support thread is counterproductive and only makes people less likely to want to help you.

I’d also encourage you to read the following additional sections of the community guidelines.


Ok, now that that’s handled, I can try to help you.

This kinda sounds to me like coil whine. Have you tried removing the input cover and trying to isolate what area of the board it’s coming from?

How are you putting load on it? Does it happen with synthetic load or actual use?

I admit openly I got pissed because I spend valuable time here trying to help others on my own will but asking me to delete a question “to not clutter your topic” felt rude and out of place.

There is no harm in repeating it once again, I sincerly did not see the statement about the power source.

Either way, hope you get this sorted. Sorry for my bad mood. All the best.


Ok, since we’re going down that route, will you now admit that you simply failed to see the bitterness and apologize to me, or will you just stick to your own story of who’s the bad guy and the good guy?
Anachron’s second comment was 100% clutter - I’ve stated in the OP that the noise is on no matter whether the laptop is plugged in or not, and they just asked it again. I was inviting them to curate the thread with me, no offense meant.
Most of your comment is entirely unwarranted drivel, but let me address the rest of it as well point by point so that you can’t accuse me of name calling or whatever:

No, I’ve answered the question and asked them politely to remove their second reply because it was cluttering the thread.

Answering a redundant question doesn’t provide more information.

That’s like, your opinion, man, and I disagree with it because I’ve seen countless cluttered threads in my days, and wading through redundant comments was way more counterproductive than you seem to account for. I am curating for posterity.

I’m not here to sweet talk anyone into helping me, I’m here to discuss a physical issue I’m experiencing with my Framework laptop. If someone is triggered by an invitation to keep the conversation to the point, they are welcome to not help me.

Seems like you and I could both use this advice.

Show me one instance where I was criticizing a person. Just one.

@ggpeti Our Mod has commented, one of our helpful Community members was offering advice, and you’ve been very standoffish when our Mod offered feedback on your interactions as pertaining to our Community Standards. Given this thread has gone off the rails, I suggest you continue this conversation with our Support team, and I’ll be closing this thread entirely. Thank you.