F12 Bios Menu not recognizing USB Drive for bios update to 3.10

Hello, I just wanted to share a problem I had and a potential solution for anybody who has/had the same issue. I had never updated my bios firmware from 3.02 and I’m jumping to 3.10. However, my USB drive that contained the update files would not show up in the f12 boot menu. Secure boot is disabled at this point and I have previously booted ubuntu from this same drive. Essentially the easiest fix was going into the f2 bios menu and disabling USB boot, saving, and exiting. Then, once again return to the f2 menu and enable USB boot. When I saved and exited it automatically booted from the USB drive containing the update files and performed the update. I hope this helps someone because I could not find anything about this particular issue.

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This also could involve the BIOS boot order option First/Last/Auto.

When set to Auto it will only show what it found on previous boots. If it’s not in that list it won’t appear when you press F12.

Set it to First or Last and if it detects the USB, it will show it on the list and it will appear when you press F12. You can set it back to Auto later if you like, it will reappear as an option when you plug a USB drive in because it’s seen it before.

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@Fraoch Hello, thank you for replying. I guess I should have included a sentence or two about that as well. I’m not sure what happened but even when I set it to first or last the usb drive still was not recognized. I had to trouble shoot for a week before trying the solution I stated above.

Id also like to include that I recently switched to Linux with using the ubuntu distro. Usb boot worked perfectly fine when I did that. This problem occurred after I did that.

@emarcum were you able to fix the F12 capability?
Was 3.10 BIOS upgrade an efficient one (for battery at least)?