Upgrading BIOS using thumbstick doesn't show up

I am trying to update my BIOS from 3.06 to 3.10 using the EFI Shell instructions:

  1. Extract contents of zip folder to a fat32 formatted usb drive.
  2. Disable secure boot in BIOS.
  3. Boot your system while pressing F12 and boot from the thumb drive.
  4. Let startup.nsh run automatically.
  5. System will reboot, you can unplug the thumb drive.

The USB drive is recognized in the BIOS but does not show up as an option after pressing F12. I was surprised these were the instructions as copying a folder doesn’t usually make a drive bootable. I tried again using my Ventoy multi-boot stick and saw the option but going through the process just leaves me at a shell without doing an update or rebooting.

Any ideas?


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My screen looks like the following, waiting at the shell:

I am seeing a mirror finish on that screen.