Fan Control

Hello. Instead of starting a new thread I figured this thread was a better place to ask.

Do any third party Windows app for creating a custom fan curve work with the FW13? E.g. Fan Control.
Most laptop manufacturers are too cautious with temps so the fan ramps up already at 50C. Unless I have my laptop on my lap I don’t care if the CPU reaches 65C before the fan even starts, the silicon can handle much higher temps and throttling doesn’t start at such a low temp.

No, but you can modify the embedded controller’s firmware, which is open source. It will be no easy task and risks bricking the machine, but it’s possible.

Ok thank you for the info. Unfortunately that is way above my knowledge level.
Are there any different cooling profiles in the bios? I don’t mean performance profiles that limits the CPU, but cooling profiles?

No fan control is a deal breaker for me, not many laptop makers allow this but e.g. MSI does for their gaming laptops.

MSI is pretty good at it with a lot of their laptops. I have used both the summit and prestige line of laptops(typing from one now), office laptops with no GPUs, and both had the option to adjust their fan curves through the MSI Center app.