Feature request: Controllable fans / fancurves

Searching in the forum I couln’t figure out any ways how to control Framework 13 / 16 fans.
Are there tools or an API (Without tinkering in the firmware)?

If not, I request to provide an API and better also a tool on Linux (and for other people on Windows) to be able to control fan speeds / curves.


ectool can adjust them on the 13 but there is no user friendly ui for it


Thanks for the Info. But don’t I risk bricking the mainboard doing so as the ectool modifies the firmware?

No ectool just talks to the firmware


Ok, thanks. I’ll look into Ectool then once I get my Framework 16

Well that’s convenient, I was about to make a thread for this! I got my 16 a few days ago, so I’ll report back later on how it goes installing ectool.

Definetly look into FWFanctrl.
It’s even packaged for some distros.


Bill-git1’s fork of FWFanctrl, has been working pretty well for me. Only issue I’m having now is that the CPU seems to cook itself on anything but the power-saver setting of powerprofilesctl, but that’s something I’m investigating separately.

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Agree 100%. Such a customizable laptop just needs a fan control API, for both Windows and Linux.


There are rumors that the framework is preparing an application to control fans, battery limiter, tdp, fps, voltage…


That would make sense and would be great but do you have any source regarding this?


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I ran a test on my Framework 16, DIY, Ryzen 7 7840HS, no graphics module, Windows 11 Pro. The program CPU-Z from Cpuid in addition to showing info about the processor and other hardware has a Stress test.

I ran the Stress test and observed the following. The idle temperature of my processor, measured by Core Temp, is 45 degrees. 10 seconds after starting the Stress test the temperature of the processor rose to 100 degrees. 25 seconds after starting the Stress test, I could hear the fans start to increase in speed.

The fans need to be much more aggressive on the Framework. On my other PC, a desktop with an ASUS motherboard, when I run the Stress test the fans speed up within a second of the Stress test starting.

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