Fan speed randomly switching between 0% and 100% regardless of actual temperature

I have an 11th gen laptop with an i5-1135G7 running Windows 10, version 2004, build 19041.1415.

Recently the fans started misbehaving. They will pingpong between completely inaudible and as loud as I have ever heard them, at seemingly random intervals, regardless of what the laptop is doing. They even continue doing this while the laptop is put to sleep, the lid is closed, and the whole case is cold to the touch. This behavior persists past a system restart.

I looked at the CPU temps using Core Temp and they seemed normal, hovering around 40C when I checked. Other than that I’m not sure how to find more information about what could be going on.

What can I do to diagnose and try to fix this issue?

Have you cleaned the fan?

I have a dell laptop with 11 gen intel i5 and i get the same symptoms. I think these chips were just poorly made with regards to thermals.

Im having the same issue the fan doesnt have a middle speed range anymore. Im currently trying order a replacement.

This started happening to my laptop this past week (1165g7). As of this writing I just turned on my laptop on after it was off for several hours(completely room temp machine). The fan is running at 100%, but it’s also randomly turning off for random amounts of time.

To investigate I built ectool from: GitHub - DHowett/framework-ec: Embedded Controller firmware for the Framework Laptop

When I typed these commands in the fan was running full speed, but the EC says it’s not.

$ sudo ./ectool temps all
--sensor name -------- temperature -------- fan speed --
F75303_Local          299 K (= 26 C)           0%
F75303_CPU            300 K (= 27 C)           0%
F75303_DDR            299 K (= 26 C)           0%
Battery               297 K (= 24 C)           0%
PECI                  303 K (= 30 C)           0%
$ sudo ./ectool pwmgetfanrpm all
Fan 0 RPM: 0
$ sudo ./ectool thermalget 
sensor  warn  high  halt   fan_off fan_max   name
  0        0   361    371    313     335     F75303_Local
  1        0   361    371    313     342     F75303_CPU
  2        0   360    370    313     335     F75303_DDR
  3        0   323    333    313     323     Battery
  4      368   376    378    377     378     PECI
(all temps in degrees Kelvin)

I installed a new fan module today, and everything seems to be working normally again.