Fans running a lot? Check your thermal paste application

Had to take off my heatsink while talking to support, this is what I found from the factory.
FW13 7840 Batch 8


After a couple of years of use, I noticed my FW13 having thermal issues. Reapplying thermal paste really seemed to help with that. I think the factory stuff is okay, but eventually it dries out a bit and becomes less effective.

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That looks a mess ~ like some ‘contacts’ have been engulfed by liquid metal ??

The FW 13 doesn’t use liquid metal. That’s just standard thermal paste.

Yes I got that but it looks like it’s spread so much :slight_smile:

Might also be pump-out which also probably caused the thermal issues in the first place.

Spilled liquid metal would look a lot worse XD

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Where did you find the batch number, I can’t find mine in the orders page

Are you referring to it being thicker at the top, or looking slightly liquid at the bottom? I can’t really tell. Apart from that, it looks pretty okay to me.