Fastener Kits are Now Available!

After a long and agonizing wait (we know, it’s been painful), Fastener Kits are now available in the Framework Marketplace under “Parts”!

We have three separate kits available for purchase:

  • Bottom Cover and Mainboard
  • Input Cover and Keyboard
  • Top Cover

Thank you for your patience while we worked internationally to make this happen!



Currently trying to source metric screws for a different project and it’s just about impossible, so thanks for the hard work.

I’m trying to source this in Canada…probably the worst part of the world for metric fasteners. Everyone but the U.S. is metric. Our suppliers are mostly aligned with the U.S., so very little metric there, yet we don’t have the selection you do in the U.S. So whatever small metric fastener supplies are available in the U.S., we can’t get here. Despite being officially metric.


Nothing like some spare screws for when I inevitably lose one :+1:

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I’m sorry but I can’t help but laugh. That genuinely sounds awful and totally ridiculous but you must admit it’s deeply ironic that the US would have better availability than Canada for metric screws.

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Proceeds to use inches because Freedom!

Yes, quite ironic. We’re “metric” but not as metric as Europe. Some metric units are more convenient than others - here people use km and °C because they’re easy and convenient but people’s weight in pounds and height in feet and inches.

To steer this thread somewhat back on topic, try finding VESA screws here (all metric). I gave up on any of the screws in the Framework laptop. You’d be lucky to find any fastener matching ONE of the parameters of these screws. So you can find the right diameter but the wrong length. Or the right head configuration but wrong driver type.


Amazing to see these get released! I haven’t lost any screws yet, but if I ever need to make a marketplace purchase you better believe I’ll try to add the fastener kits just in case!

So sad yet so true! What sizes do you usually need? II get mine from Grainger (

Else it’s buy online and drive across the border lmao

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Hmm, driving 90 minutes, waiting 45 minutes at the border, more driving, then all over again in reverse for 4 screws. I wish it weren’t like that.

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Not terribly eco-friendly at all.