Feature request; Frameworks as a mini pc/slab

I see the case is just dropping. Awesome!

I wonder if we can get something similar but with the battery as psu. Battery can be internal or external (plugged into usb-c) but then it need to be able to be both filled and drained at the same time (most 100W usb-c battery packs right now die for a second when you plug them in, making them unusable for PSU for minis).

Aditional plus; make it stackable with cooler master case. Or later 3 layers with external GPU. Anyway, something like this will make me a customer day one (i don’t use laptops, just minis).



Came here finding someone who had the same thoughts. Would be good to have mini pc use case, they’re very popular right now particularly for ryzen 7940hs processors. minisforum and beelink are dominating the market, so much so, the stock has been hard to come by. If framework were to get into the mini pc segment, they would just dominate imo (quite rightly). My ask would be allowing us to buy the cooler master case with the latest ryzen 7940hs as a bundle!