[ Feature Suggestion ] Gameframe (Framework Gaming Chassis)

Funny name and idea for way in the future, I know. But, imagine having the current build of the Framework laptop, and Framework releases a bigger chassis with better airflow/heatsink/more space to install a dedicated GPU, and you move your i7 + motherboard over (with your RAM, storage, etc), add the heatsink from the gaming chassis, and there you go-- a basic gaming laptop.


Dope name, wack a i9 in there with a 3070 and you are set! with it being a thick thing you might be able to archive swappable CPU.

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What size screen for the gaming chassis? 15" still allows for decent portability and 17" could be better for playing games.

Make the chassis all share the same hinge spacing and maintain compatibility, you could do a really stupid thing fit a 17" screen on a 15" chassis :laughing:


I could not care less about the display size or the resolution but I definitely would have already preordered if there were a dedicated GPU option.