FedEx woes and bumps in the road

Yeah… My Framework laptop was supposed to be delivered last Friday, but it never was. I called FedEx today because the last update was “Out For Delivery” on Friday morning. A few hours later they called me back and told me that the driver said it was never put on the truck and that they were looking for it. A few hours later they backdated a delivery scan to Friday claiming it was delivered. It most assuredly was not. People were home when they now claim it was delivered too… Sent Framework support a message (wish there was a number to call). Expecting this to be an uphill battle to get me freaking laptop at this point due to apparent fraud on FedEx’s part.


Sorry to hear about it. Yep it is a mess… I have seen the very same thing here, and mysteriously the package has arrived days later. They seem to have serious problems with their tracking system and the employees responsible for it.

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It actually got delivered! I upgraded the RAM to 32 GB to be able to run a few VMs, but so far I’m loving it!

I’m less than impressed with FedEx, however, but just happy to finally have my laptop.


Same problems as above. Here in San Diego and have been waiting breathlessly for the order to go through, then finally ship (9/15).

And while patiently waiting weeks to get my special order, and then to see it sit in Chicago for three straight days over the weekend is infuriating. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday/today and it has only gotten as far as Kansas City.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see how FedEx “goons up” the last mile with what I have seen of their service as of late.

Please, please , please Framework, find a new shipper. This is unacceptable.

“When it absolutely, positively, has to get there in a couple of weeks or so…”


This is something we want to improve in the future. We’re using our warehousing partner’s FedEx account so that we can reasonably do free shipping on laptop orders, but they have some restrictions placed on it, like not being able to use FedEx Delivery Manager to redirect and hold shipments.


@nrp I just ordered a DIY kit in Batch 4. I would pay extra to not use FedEx. The peace of mind that comes from having literally anyone else in the world deliver my packages is worth far more to me than free shipping. Is there any chance that we could opt out of FedEx and pay for shipping out of our pockets?


Well it happened to me.

Fedex said for over a week that it would deliver yesterday - 9/22.

All day yesterday: “Delivery by end of day.” No update after 3:00 am.
5:00 pm: “Pending delivery. No delivery date scheduled. Original delivery date: 9/21.”

Wasted the day for nothing.

Called them: “Contact the shipper. Nothing we can do.” And you’ll deliver… when?



I just received my laptop today with a little bit of excitement from FedEx. It shipped on 9/13 and was delayed a few times. It seemed to be sitting in Troutdale, OR for a few days. It finally started moving again, and on Saturday 9/25, FedEx said the package was on the vehicle for delivery and scheduled to be delivered that day. It didn’t arrive, but FedEx claimed they’d attempted to deliver it (“Delivery exception: Customer not available or business closed”). I’m pretty sure they hadn’t actually tried to deliver it. I live in an apartment building, and there’s almost always somebody at the front door to accept packages.

I called FedEx to see if there was a way they could call me when they were trying to deliver the package (just in case there was nobody at the front door), and they said they’d give me a call or send me a message when the vehicle was close. On Sunday 9/26, the FedEx tracking site once again said the package was “On FedEx vehicle for delivery”, but that night I got a notification “Delivery exception: Customer not available or business closed”. The text notification after delivery also said: “A final delivery attempt will be made on the next business day”. I called FedEx support and told them what happened. I hadn’t received a call or notification before the package was delivered, and I was pretty sure they hadn’t tried to deliver it. The customer support agent reassured me they’d try delivering it again the next day and that they’d notify me beforehand so I could make sure to be there.

They never notified me, but I did receive the package today. So all’s well that ends well. It was just the incorrect attempted delivery notifications that were scaring me. I guess I’ve heard they sometimes send those out when they can’t deliver for other reasons?


I have had the same experience multiple times with them.

Even USPS is better. Had a delivery scheduled for today by USPS, and they sent this Txt and it was exactly 2:05pm when it arrived.

@brianshmrian I feel ya. Troutdale held my laptop in a trailer (“in transit”) from Wednesday until Sunday, and their updates were pretty useless. They did not, however, “fail to deliver” - that’s a good one…

At least we got 'em, huh?


Yeah, I’m definitely happy to have gotten the laptop now :slight_smile:

I actually debated whether I really needed to worry about the dates changing or the package seemingly stuck or the ghost deliveries, but I decided that I’d be more annoyed if something had gone wrong and I hadn’t called FedEx support to double check what was going on.

I’m beginning to remember why I never use Fedex… Their site and accounts that can be created to “better help track your packages” are absolutely worthless. They say log in to see more detailed information, then you log in to find that the site doesn’t remember what package you were trying to get more information about. Then you put the tracking number in and they tell you to log in or sign up to see more detailed information and estimates… WHAT? I just did that! It’s an endless loop. They also pushed my date back for some reason even though its defiantly possible to make the original date… Never will I ever use Fedex if I can help it.

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Well, I will say that I am pleased with Framework’s response to FedEx losing my package, and with luck the next one will get delivered timely. Wish it didn’t have to be through FedEx though. They are surprisingly unreliable for a parcel delivery service.


I have to also chime in here, I’d be very happy to pay extra for non-Fedex, especially if it’s the thoroughly outsourced and crapified Fedex Ground involved.

Their track record in stealing and losing google pixel phones over in /r/googlepixel is legendary. They seem to have perfected the “remove valuable contents and deliver empty box” move.

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The disturbing thing is mine is coming FedEx Home Delivery and was alleged to arrive today but like most here, delivery exception so maybe I’ll have it Monday or Tuesday.

Surprisingly the package did show up on Sunday, but turned out to be an envelope of the upgradeable components, but no laptop or modules. :frowning:

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I usually have pretty good luck with FedEx, but them delivering my Framework made my heart skip a beat or two. It was originally supposed to show up tomorrow but showed up yesterday which was a nice surprise. The only downside is the FedEx ground guy just yeeted it onto my doorstep which was only a step or two more than he took already. I’m glad that Framework packages the laptops well. I would have died a little inside if it showed up busted after waiting all that time.

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I ask this because I’m currently in an unresolved dispute with Google and FedEx over a lost/stolen package (I have the carrier receipt, FedEx didn’t update internal tracking, and Google refuses to refund or mediate without that), but what happens when Framework grows to the scale that higher ups can’t directly engage on everyone’s behalf?

These policies are best clarified sooner than later, and if we can’t get consist, reliable support when receiving and returning orders (meaning no “Reddit Requests” or only getting helped on social media), it’s not going to be worth the risk to buy anything outside of a retail location.

It’s hard competing with established companies with brick and mortar locations, but it’s important not to just pocket what’s saved in the margins. Good customer support is foundational, not just a legal tick box.

This seems pretty well etched into Framework’s company ethos already. These FedEx debacles don’t seem to be an exception to that.

So was Project Fi’s, but that canary died in the mines when they became “Google Fi” and moved their customer support from Las Vegas and El Salvador to India.

It’s always fun when things are being built and engineers are running the show, but it seems all that scales eventually goes corporate. Amazon is an outlier in support by design (and they also use UPS and USPS), but it’s not the most forgivable model at small sizes.