FedEx woes and bumps in the road

FedEx is screwing around again.

I signed up yesterday Aug 31st for their status updates on my delivery as soon as I got the tracking number…

It took till today at 11:08am Sept 1st to get the SMS message asking me to confirm that I wanted status updates. Any IT professional knows that is not a real time process for them. They must be batch processing still. Is this the 90’s?

AND they now say that the package left their hub and is in transit… To be delivered by the end of the day on the 7th… For their “2 day” delivery service. Do the math… That’s 4 business days.

What the heck is going on with them… And why do companies still put up with this. Literally every delivery I am forced to get via FedEx is screwed up, LATE and often damaged… After sitting in one spot in their system for days.

Framework might be stuck with them because they are used by the contractor who is doing the warehousing, but I hope they look at another service at least for in the US and Canada in the future. Anyone Paying for 2 day and getting 4+ day delivery is not a good thing.

I’m pissed off, not at Framework, but getting screwed over again by FedEx bad service.

UPS has been working hard to build up their system and hubs… While FedEx is deteriorating rapidly.



Maybe it’s only 3 business days? Monday is after all a holiday in some places :stuck_out_tongue:

Just messing with ya @ImaxinarDM, I agree with the downfall of FedEx. We get daily shipments here from ALL delivery companies (We are also a warehouse) and FedEx seems to be the only one with incorrect delivery dates and sometimes damaged boxes.

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Well the (not) fun bit is they have the weekend for transit tines, but once they actually get to the area, they will let the shipment sit and rot…

We just had a very VERY expensive small wood crate (I can carry it in one hand) of aircraft communications parts sit for almost a week in the final hub here… No explanation at all, and on final delivery a week late, the crate was cracked open, heavy damage to all sides, We had him wait for us to open it fully and inventory it as parts were falling out. Thankfully they were all there. G-force sensors in the crate were all triggered, but one was missing.

Driver apologized for the mess and he was obviously upset to have to be delivering it.

I think the FedEx corporate top end doesn’t care about anything other than the bottom line.

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Oh, a thread to vent about FedEx. Nice.

My package sat in Illinois for 4 days (moving, but so slow), which was odd. It also left my city and returned later, though I understand it might’ve been headed to a hub. At this rate, it’ll arrive 3 days past the estimated date, sitting in my city for all 3 days. I truly wonder why FedEx’s ETA calculation system is so inaccurate.

Yep, Framework needs to know about this stuff and folks need a place to vent.

I too have had a package go from a city twice.

My latest was Tacoma (south of Seattle) to NJ, on to Texas, back to NJ, over to Nevada, and finally back to Tacoma. I live 90 miles north of Seattle… So the package was beat to pieces by the time I got it.

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I once got a keyboard from Kentucky, and shipped it to Ontario; FedEx they sent it to Ontario in one day(to a place that was about 10mi from the destination), then back south all the way the Missouri, then back up into Ontario where it waited again just 10mi from the destination for a week.

By the time it made it to the destination, all of the keycaps had been left removed and were flying around the box (they would have to have been removed, they would never come loose even under extreme vibration) and the cardboard strapping that was suspending the keyboard in the box had been cut and ripped, so it couldn’t do its job.

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I think you just have a bad experience with Fedex. In my area it’s USPS that sucks bad. I’m sure in other area’s it’s UPS that stinks.

We’ve been spoiled with quicker and quicker deliveries, to the point where our expectations for a reasonable delivery time no longer allow for unforeseen circumstances.

tldr, patience is a virtue we should strive to possess.

I do it too though. I ordered an Xbox a few months ago. Fedex showed it on the truck for delivery by 430pm. Come 3pm no delivery. check tracking again and it’s back in the warehouse waiting to be delivered. I got irritated Drive to the warehouse to pick it up, get there only to find out it’s back out for delivery and was delivered at like 415pm. Turns out the driver had something come up and had to give his packages to another driver to finish.

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I’m with you, @DAE - we live in the SF Bay Area - And two of our major distribution routes essentially wrap around one end or the other of Lake Tahoe (Hyws 4 & 80), over the Sierra Nevadas to Reno.

Because of the fires, these routes are opening and closing repeatedly, causing mayhem w/distribution. Not to mention real danger to the lives of those whose job it is to drive.

All during the pandemic. Yea, I can’t get too worked up about any of these outfits.

I will say, the pinnacle of Kafkaesque shipping experiences was the decision to use international post for a move. But I digress…

[Edited to put a wee bit more geographical context]

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So… My laptop has been in Bellingham WA for 2 days and not showing out for delivery.

NJ > Seattle > Bellingham (3 timestamps in Bellingham so far)

I literally can drive to where it is in under 30 minutes including the ferry trip.

1:25pm update, Yep… FedEx truck just drove past the house and no delivery.

2nd update 2:18pm totally different FedEx van just passed the house… Gee 2 trucks in one day to the island and they can’t deliver a box sitting in Bellingham since yesterday.

Try 31 shipments via FedEx in 18 months… ONE arrived on time, box intact. Everything else was late… Most with box damage. And it’s not the shipper… 5 different vendors all across the US.

Not an isolated case, weather, smoke, etc. A clear pattern. Hence my always selecting anything other than FedEx if possible.

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Framework laptop arrived… FedEx Packing label Aug 31st NJ, delivery Sept 4th Lummi Island via FedEx “2nd day”. It’s the box on top.

For reference, the 4 big Heavy boxes of 8 speakers: Packing labels Aug 31st TX, delivery Sept 2nd Lummi Island … via UPS 2nd day

Adding my two cents to why Framework should try their best to ditch FedEx: Their “2-day shipping” is locked out of weekend delivery for god knows what reason, with no way to change it in delivery instructions. You can’t even go pick it up at location. So, my laptop has been sitting in a warehouse since Friday afternoon, already processed, until god knows when on Wednesday. Why do I have to wait 5 freaking days to get my package when it is already less then 2 miles from me???


Even though I started the thread, In all fairness, many companies use a distribution company to manage the logistics of their products.

These distributors have massive contracts with shipping companies, and make deals to get the best prices. This often will lock in a particular shipping company.

In this case from what I see Framework uses Tech Data [now TD SYNNEX] at the TD NJ distribution center to do that. And they handle the shipping… With their vendors of choice. So we are stuck with Tech Data / FedEx for now evidently.

A company like Framework needs to know about bad experiences though, because they do reflect on them even if the shipping vendor is out of their control.


Surprising no one, my laptop is delayed (it says just by one day but there is a storm coming so who knows)