[RESPONDED] Another FedEx Rant - destroying customer relationships before they begin

FedEx has got to be the worst shipper framework could have chosen as a partner.

I ordered my computer for $1700 on 1/13, and it shipped from Taiwan on 1/17. Fedex cleared it through customs in Anchorage, AK on 1/18, and there it sat, with a “scheduled delivery of 1/23 before 12pm” in Denver, CO, for 5 days… It finally moved out of Anchorage, AK to Memphis, TN on the evening of the day it was supposed to be delivered by noon. The incompetence of FedEx, and framework putting up with the incompetence of FedEx, is scarring customer relationships before they even begin.

framework, please, please, please, consider a different partner than FedEx for your shipments! I paid more for this computer than a MacBook, I expect to be treated as well as Apple treats me. An inquiry into Tech Support at framework elicited a response to the tune of “it looks like it will be delivered today, here’s how to track it online.” Very poor, and unhelpful response. Something to the tune of caring about the customer experience would have been more appropriate.

Am I the only one feeling the frustration before I’ve even gotten a framework computer in my hands? I’ve had the accessories in my possession for a few days now, as they shipped from a US warehouse, albeit not very fast, compared to the competition. Perhaps consider keeping some computers in stock in a US warehouse for a slight up-charge ($25-$50), and fulfilling orders more quickly.

Customer experience and customer service are what make and break companies today. That is why Apple and Amazon are gargantuan!

I really want to love framework, but I start with a sour taste in my mouth. I love the mission of repairable and upgradable. Please take steps to make this a reality, and survive in this competitive environment, framework!


Don’t take what I’m about to say the wrong way. I totally agree with hating on FedEx (although sometimes I think courier companies are terrible by design) but I don’t think your summation of events is fair.

What exactly would you expect FW to do here? Perhaps FedEx is giving them the best rates and as a young company, keeping costs as low as possible is important. How would FW prove incompetence? Was it shipped with any kind of guarantee as to when it would arrive? If not, then FedEx has fulfilled its contractual obligations, expecting any company to do more by default is…unreasonable.

All I can say is that I am aware that their customer support is woefully understaffed and misses have occurred. FW has said they continue to work and try to improve in this aspect. I ask that you have a little more compassion in dealing with your fellow man.


Thanks for your reply, but…

The summation of events is entirely accurate.

Continuous improvement is paramount for any business to succeed. Accepting the status quo as good enough will lead to their demise. Enough people have brought to their attention the horrible service with FedEx. It’s time for them to take a look at options that will better serve their customers.

Now you’re getting personal by saying that criticizing them is not compassionate. I’m not criticizing “my fellow man”, I’m criticizing a company/corporation. It’s criticism and feedback that will make them realize where they need to improve and make them a better company.

I’m sure it is accurate, I just don’t think it is fair.

Asking a company more than what is contractually obligated is different than asking for improvement.

I’m speaking not of the company but the customer service rep. That is a person, not a corporation. Feel free to criticize the company, I certainly have.


I hate it when people go on rants about bad couriers, if they were really as bad as you seem to make it, they wouldn’t be operating. Any logistical company has issues and if you want me to see what happened show a screenshot of the tracking history.


You didn’t have to reply here. The subject stated what this was. Look away! :smiley:

This forum doesn’t support images/screenshots.

But framework has the tracking history, as they do with every one of their shipments.

It does, gifs too! Just FYI

AHA! you are correct! Here ya go!

My issue is FedEx sitting on my package for 5 days after customs clearance and scheduling a delivery date they couldn’t keep.

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This was customs issue. Not FedEx.


It reads to me that it cleared customs on 1/18 at 2:24pm, and then didn’t move again for 5 days. The clearance delay was for 1 day, and then it shows “International shipment release - Import”.
But if you are correct, FedEx should make their tracking codes easier to interpret.

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That is just for that shipment, it was together in a pallet of around 500kg of FWs, so if one laptop hasn’t cleared yet I don’t think they can break down the pallet.


500 Kg at 6.3 lbs each is about 175 laptops. That’s a lot of FW laptops being shipped daily to the US. More reason to justify warehousing some of them in the destination countries they ship to. :slight_smile:

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Yep, lot of value as well.

I think they do for European countries but I’m not :100: percent sure.

Could also be “consolidation”, i.e. they wait for more parcels bound for Tennessee to arrive in Anchorage, in order to send more at a time in fewer trucks.

It’s one of the ways used to reduce shipping costs.

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It gets shipped out of Taiwan as a pallet and broken down in Anchorage and sent individually inside of the US, for EU I believe it either gets broken down in France or Dubai.

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I had exactly the opposite experience as the OP. I ordered a 1280P DIY version w/ only 4 USB-C adapters on January 12th, shipped on January 13th. I made it to Anchorage the same day and left Anchorage on the 14th. At that time I had an estimated delivery day of the 20th. But, then it made it in and out of Oakland on the 14th and then to Phoenix on the 15th, and was out for delivery in the Phoenix area on the 16th.

So, two business days from Taiwan; I’m impressed. Delivered on a federal holiday too. I couldn’t ask for better service.

If I had to guess, the OPs situation was a fluke. It could have also been weather-related as it appears that it was snowing in Denver on the 18th with winds up to 19mph, so they could have gotten backed up.

Like others have said though, once the package is handed over to a carrier, there’s realistically nothing that Framework can do about it, just as you can’t do anything about a package that you’ve handed over to the post office (other than potentially recall or reroute the package, but that does nothing for delays).

@Mr.Fiero This is wild, I also live in Denver, CO. I also ordered my framework laptop on 1/13, it shipped on 1/17 and then sat in AK for days. My delivery estimate was also 1/23 before 12pm. Literally everything you wrote is exactly the same timeline as me, our packages are probably sitting next to each other on a fedex truck right now, I just got notified that it’s out for delivery. Good luck!


Wild! I’m in Lakewood. Hope you get your new toy today, and love it. I’m excited to play with it! I did the i7-1280P, and I’m adding a 2TB SSD, and 64GB Ram.


They do not.

They warehouse marketplace items for North America in the United States. All 12th gen laptops (for all regions) and marketplace items for everywhere else are shipped directly from Taiwan.

Anyway, glad to see that Customs finally got things moving.