A Tale of Fedex or how they lost my laptop

Hey community,
I wanted to share with you my adventures with FedEx.

I ordered an AMD 13 back in April and got a slot in Batch 3 (yay!).
Expected delivery in Q4.

So far so good.

I got all the emails from framework

  • about the hardware/software problems with AMD
  • the resulting delays
  • the payment stuff
  • the shipping notification

Everything I got from framework was great (except that they tried to charge me twice and my bank initially refused the payment (twice the same amount, from the same company, in a short timespan), so maybe there is something wrong in the processing of the payment; but that’s not the important part).

Ok, now to the interesting part:
FW built my laptop and handed it over to Fedex.

Soooo (all timestamps in Europe/Berlin TZ)
Fedex said the package would be delivered by noon on Tuesday, 31/10/2023.

Tuesday, 31/10/2023, 12:00
We expect it to be delivered by the end of the day
(Maybe they also had another step where they said by 18:00 and changed it after 18:00; I don’t remember)

Wednesday, 01/11/2023, 00:00 (Holiday in (parts of) Germany)
(Screenshot from today)

Well, if you look at the calendar, a lot of time has passed since then (at least for a package)

I got a bit suspicious and tried to contact fedex:
The telephone numbers they give you on their website are:

  • Phone number not assigned
  • The general hotline. When you call this phone number they want to have your customer number, which (as a private person) I don’t have. This is mandatory

Cool. So I tried the webchat. This chatbot doesn’t allow you to talk/write to a human unless you explicitly write “Talk to a human”. The man in the chat assigned a case number to my delayed package but couldn’t give me any additional information. Yay!

I also tried contacting the framework support (on Tuesday, 07/11/2023) but haven’t recieved another mail after the initial “ticket opened”.

For the curious, this is the shipping history of my package

So, I want my laptop and I at least knew, that the last place it has been scanned, was “near” Munich.
So yesterday I got into my car and drove to fedex.
The people there were very nice and tried looking for the package but what they said was:
“We lost it”


The man at Fedex said, that they already notified Framework (since they are their customer, not me) and I have to contact Framework which is what I’ll do after I finish this post.

WHAT THE F**K Fedex. How can you lose an entire laptop?

I know I’m asking way too much, but if someone from Framework is reading this: Please consider using another service than FedEx.

Thank you for reading my post to the end.


One person out of thousands (if not more) having this experience is pretty damn good.

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Yeah, FedEx is fine. I’m sure it depends on what part of the world you’re from but I would prefer FedEx over the alternatives any day.

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Add: DHL: "We have your package and will be holding it hostage until you pay our extortion fee. So much for ‘free’ shipping.

Sorry, DHL rant over.


Exactly the same currently happens to me. Same facility in Steinach. I wonder if they randomly loose packages or just the ones from frame.work :thinking:

If you’re sure that fedex lost it, contact the Framework support. They can help you in this case.

November 2023:
After some initial e-mails I recieved the confirmation that I would get another laptop (they asked if I’d prefer a new laptop or a refund) and 5 days later the laptop arrived on my doorstep. (That was VERY fast)

TBH, Fedex has always been a crapshoot in terms of if you’ll get your package or not. More than likely, given their reputation, your laptop wasn’t lost, but stolen. Happened to a lot of my sneakers, some would go “missing” up until I started having my packages delivered to a UPS Store mailbox. Suddenly, none of my Fedex packages went missing anymore. VERY interesting.

In my city, I am constantly hearing tales of porch pirates following delivery vehicles and picking boxes up immediately after delivery.

Mostly this is on streets with sidewalks, and no yards to speak of.
very easy to grab and go.

The recommendation is to deliver to a drop point, appropriate for the delivery service.

Fedex can use Walgreen’s
Amazon will give you several options.
UPS has stores, as does Fedex.

The post office is a little harder, sometimes they will hold packages.

There are options, to help ensure delivery.

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After I vented here yesterday, the shippment status of my package changed again - and after one more round of “in the vehicle / back inside the FedEx facility”, this afternoon I REALLY received my package. I’m actually typing this from my new Laptop :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the info - this cheered me up!


They heard you and got scared of the rage of a FW16 owner denied at this late step. :smiley:

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