FedEx woes and bumps in the road

FedEx got my framework all the way from Taiwan to the Netherlands in less than two days, and it has been sitting at their local facility for over two days. And it is going to sit there for two more.

It was supposed to be delivered today, Friday, and I cleared my entire weekend schedule to set up my distro and desktop environment. I wanted to try xmonad for the first time and take the time to set it up properly over the weekend. Goodbye to that. Now they will “attempt” to deliver it on Monday. Which means yet another work from home day for me :confused:.

They claim they attempted a delivery at 6:25 pm although I was at home the entire time and there was no such attempt. Their tracking page doesn’t even say they attempted a delivery. i.e., according to the tracking page, the package never left their local facility for delivery, despite them receiving the package well in advance (or maybe because they received it well in advance, I do not know how crappy their system actually is).

I know there are others who have had to wait weeks or even months for FedEx to deliver a package(:crossed_fingers:I hope that’s not me in the future), and compared to that I am a 4 year old screaming for ice cream. But I just needed to vent somewhere and what better place to be a 4yo than an online forum.


FedEx (local delivery) is the worst. I’ll save everyone the hassle of reading my long rant and just summarize – Fedex is the worst.

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Well… its been more than a week with my framework 16 stuck at clearance import… since may 28 2024 its been stuck in clearance imports. Talked to fedex they said the already got the documentation from framework, talked to framework and they said that I should allow framework 2 business days for a reply since they were contacting them… its been 2 days…

should i be asking for my money back now? Its not moving… im not planning on loosing over $2,000 dollars because of fedex incompetence…

FrameWork should be considering moving to UPS or even USPS…. This has been a nightmare…

Sorry to hear about your experience John, wanted to make sure that we are tracking this issue and I see that you are already in touch with us and received a reply from our Head of Logistics 2 hours ago.

if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue, please send me a DM. Thanks!

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Thank you! Just got a reply from the head of logistics. They escalated the case and provided fedex with additional documentation. Hopefully it’ll start moving. She told me if it doesn’t move by Tuesday i could get a refund. I would hate to get a refund but if there’s no other choice sadly i would have to get it.

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FedEx finally cleared it! Its in transit!



And now is here!

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Great news, hope you enjoy using it!

Adding to the horror stories, my laptop arrived on time but the box was beat up and my keyboard didn’t work, thankfully support sent me another keyboard