Fedora - Bluetooth Wake from Suspend

Disclaimer: newbie to the world of Linux.

My setup:

  • Framework 13 AMD Ryzen
  • Fedora 40.
  • using external monitor

I have a bluetooth keyboard and an Apple Magic Trackpad. I have used both devices with no problems with my previous laptops (HP/Win11 and MacbookPro).

Now, I can connect these device my framework laptop. But after the laptop suspends (the lid closed as I am using an external monitor), I am unable to wake it. I have to open the lid for the laptop to wake and only then I am able to connect both device and login.

I have been reading online about enabling power/awake for all USB devices. For example: wireless - Wake up from suspend using USB device - Ask Ubuntu

I have tried doing so, but I am not able to find my devices among the USB products.
I can find them through dmesg but I see that these devices are living in a completely different path (e.g devices/virtual/misc/uhid/0005:004D:0265.0007/input/input18).

Perhaps I am missing something. But can somebody help me finding the right configuration to enable these bluetooth device to wake my laptop from suspend?

Moved your thread to the Linux subcategory for better visibility, good luck!

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