Feedback - Assembly, Packaging and USB behaviour

Hi all, assuming that the posts here are monitored by Framework employees, I would like to share my experience. (13th-Gen Intel & Windows 11) To be clear, I’m very satisfied with the product, (uniformity of the display, memory configuration at reasonable cost, haptic of the chassis to list some) this feedback is from the heart wishing long-term success of Framework!

1. [Assembly] Crackling sound when moving display near 180 degree
To attach the bezel, display should be opened fully. As I tried it, I heard a quite unpleasant crackling noise near 180 degree. The same repeated as I tried to close the display, again near 180 degree. My guess is that the 2x screws (of 5x screws to tighten at the end) near hinges were hanging (out) and blocked a bit the movement of the display.
Since I cannot confirm the cause, I didn’t leave any comment in the official guide. If my guess is correct, this behaviour possibly depends on the way you hold the laptop while opening. Or is it just from the fresh hinges?

2. [Packaging] Bottom box follows while lifting the laptop
Maybe not an issue for some, but for me an interesting UX issue.
Lifting the laptop from the box would be arguably the most exciting moment, and exactly in that moment I was caring about the bottom box, because it was being lifted together with the laptop. (The shock-absorbing paper-form protecting laptop lifts the bottom box together, usually only one side.) Yes, there is nothing that fragile in the bottom box, but still one may not want to drop it.

3. [USB] USB-A behaviour when laptop starts, etc.
I’m using USB-C / HDMI on the left and 2x USB-A on the right.

  • An USB-A external HDD (USB bus-powered), plugged in already, makes a scratching noise just at the moment of laptop start. I have seen a similar behaviour with the same HDD on another laptop, but in that case laptop was starting into UEFI. No data has been lost, but I think it’s clearly a problem.

  • An USB-A external Blu-ray burner, also USB bus-powered and plugged in already, makes its start-up sound twice. I guess it has the same root cause as the issue with HDD.

  • When I plug in the power adapter, while the laptop is shut down, the Blu-ray burner makes its start-up sound. While I could even slot-in a disc, it’s not clear, how long it will stay powered. [Edit] I’ve encountered later a discussion regarding USB Power Delivery, this third behaviour may be intended!


I recently built a 13th gen DIY and experienced the cracking sound. It is caused by two of the captive screws sticking out far enough when disassembled to impact the top cover. They can be pushed in to avoid this happening.

Perhaps the instructions can be updated to note that care should be taken to insure the screws don’t contact the top cover when installing the bazel?

Assuming by “scratching noise” you mean regular hard-drive doing hard-drive things noise then that would sound relatively normal, the uefi is looking for bootable stuff. If it is actually making a scratching noise and there was no data lost that would be weird in it’s own way.

Thanks for the replies!
For the story regarding HDD I’d try to make it more clear. It deals with an 1TB Toshiba HDD, and the comparison is with Surface Book 1st Gen.

A) Connected to Surface Book, normal start
The HDD starts with quiet spinning, blue status LED, normal read noise afterwards.

B) Connected to Surface Book, start into UEFI (or possibly into any reset procedure)
The HDD starts with an abnormal cracking noise, cannot confirm the LED status, no data lost.

C) Connected to Framework, normal start (very likely without power input)
The HDD starts with an abnormal cracking noise, shortly white LED and then blue, no data lost.

What I want to argue here, is that the behaviour A) is the correct one.
I have no idea about the USB standard, but it looks like that the USB-A ports simply shoot 5V power before the bus is ready to communicate or “under control”.

Dear community members, what would you say about this? Any thought or contradicting observations? I cannot confirm any behaviour of peripherals connected to USB-C.

I have to say I agree. It doesn’t feel right. I don’t know if it’s actually bad for a HDD, I feel it should be fine. Without established communication, I would hope / expect an HDD will not move it’s heads out of parking. Just start spin up at most.

My Thinkpad does similar. Upon plugging in the laptop’s power supply, the usb ports are briefly powered. My mouse LED flashes on for a second, which is plugged into a USB-A port. I don’t think I’ve ever had an HDD connected during this time. I haven’t checked USB-C.

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Intel 12th gen batch 1 with non-faulty 3.3 kg hinges here. I don’t get any major crackling noises when opening the laptop lid to 180 degrees.

Hi Kelly, thanks for the details. The issue seems like to happen only while 2x specific screws are released. (during the first setup or repair, for example) Hopefully it’s not an issue with the hinge itself!