To new Owners: Do your own QC

Hey there,

after three long months i finally recieved my Framework on monday (12th gen, Batch2).
Besides some funky behaviour with my dockingstation and external monitors (probably Linux related), i am really really satisfied.

As i ordered the DIY edition, i had to open it up to provide my own memory and storage.
I repair notebooks as a kind of hobby, so i looked carefully at the guts of my Framework and found a few things.

  1. There was a loose screw behind a cover.

    Since it was sticking on there, it couldnt go anywhere, it did not short anything, but maybe over time it could have fallen off and caused trouble.
    I still have no idea where it came from though…

  2. A latch under the keyboard was flipped up

    I found this on the second time i opened the machine and it seems like it didnt cause any trouble. Still it can potentially cause a bad connection.

  3. This one didnt effect me, but I read in another thread that one or two people had bend fins on their exhaust, that were causing bad thermals.

I know i am nitpicking here, since there was nothing dramatic.
Still i want to encourage others to check their new hardware and provide the Framework Team with information to improve their QC.


On mine some of the thermal pads were a bit askew but that was it. I just peeled and reset them with some fine tweezers. The rest was fine.

There are spare screws included, are they present or is this an extra one :0

This was none of the spare screws.
It was a small phillips screw, which are used e.g. on the internal USB-C ports

None ?

It is one of those:

From all the pictures i can find, all spare screws are torx.
(Have my machine running and dont want to open it up right now)

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