Finally, a TrackPoint Framework

In case anyone else really wanted a TrackPoint Framework with more IO, it’s not actually too difficult to build your own!

Unfortunately, there’s no solution for a built-in screen until Framework are willing to sell the display cable without spending £200. I intend to use it with a USB-C portable monitor for the meantime.

The laptop has two recessed Thunderbolt 4 ports on the left, and on the right, a USB-C charging port, gigabit Ethernet, three USB3 type-A ports and two HDMI 2.1 ports with 4k60 support. The wood is 6mm MDF with walnut veneer. I still need to fit the battery, but the cable is just a little too short since the mainboard is raised on standoffs, and I don’t really have a solution for a power button at the moment anyway, short of soldering super thin gauge wire straight on the mainboard.


Nice combo! I’ve got a trackpoint working on my framework/frankenpad too.

You can get a mating cable for the eDP connector on digikey. I posted links here: Mainbord screen port to eDP cable - #8 by Karl_Buchka

I designed a board that adapts it to an iPad display panel, but modifying the design to suit a mini displayport connector, regular display port connector, or even other eDP connector would be a pretty trivial mod. All the design files are on my github. framework701c/PCB/eDP Adapter at main · basketofkittens/framework701c · GitHub