Touch Screen Cable for Framework Tablet?

I am trying to make a touch-screen tablet based on the Framework mainboard, but the biggest hurdle right now is finding a way to connect a screen to the main board.

I don’t want to use one of the external displays that use USB for power since I assume they consume more power, and don’t automatically turn on and off with the laptop power/sleep state. Also, someone has done that really well already, and I thought it was a bit thicker than I would like. It’s obviously better than the nothing I have now though.

I know there are connections on the mainboard for USB and I2C touch screen, so it is capable of doing this. The problem is that I can’t find any decent options for getting a cable or the male end of the connector that framework uses on the mainboard. In fact, the only option I could find is a $42 wire harness that would still require some sort of adapter to the connector used by the display panel.

Can anyone find any options that would be less awkward and, more importantly, less expensive? I’m looking at the Framework official eDP cable and wondering if I can expose the relevant connections on their connector. Could that work?

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