Fingerprint reader: Increase timeout between attempts?

Hi everybody,

Thanks to all of the people who’ve posted here, I got the Framework laptop running swimmingly with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. The fingerprint reader is also extremely convenient, and works about 99% of the time.

My question is probably naive, and likely revolves around the firmware within the fprintd libraries.
I’ve noticed that the fingerprint reader can sometimes be very sensitive, so that a less deliberate application of the finger uses up one of the attempts. Subsequently, a slight movement may trigger a new “attempt” even before the finger is completely applied. Is there any way to calibrate or adjust the timing between attempts, or the sensitivity to scans? Even having a timeout of something like 250 ms between attempts would make the process much more foolproof and prevent partial reads from being rejected.

Sorry if this was already asked, but I couldn’t find anything in the megathreads.