Micro suggestions for the fingerprint reader firmware

Having a fingerprint reader that works on Linux out of the box is… a bit surreal. But there are two small things I can’t seem to do in software that would make it slightly better:

  1. Wake on touch (e.g., send KEY_WAKEUP). This would allow users to unlock with one touch instead of having to hit a random key first.
  2. Blink the power LED when waiting on a fingerprint (blink faster when the fingerprint is accepted?). There’s currently no feedback.

Of course, I don’t expect you’ll have much time to work on features like this for a while… but I figured I’d put it on your radar.


I’m interested with other people’s findings. Excited to get my batch 8, specifically using the reader on Linux.

Windows Hello might have better support for the “wake on fingerprint unlock”. I don’t plan installing that right away, would be interested to see if this is indeed a firmware thing or Windows though…