Fingerprint scanner isn't working consistently

I have an AMD 13 and the fingerprint scanner only works some of the time and I have to switch to using a pin. It just doesn’t even register that it is being used. No errors and no response at all. Other times it works perfectly and let’s me right into Windows.

I’m running the most recent drivers and bios from December 28th.

What finger are you using? I had inconsistencies with my index finger however, after switching to my thumb, it’s very accurate.

I’ve always used my middle finger. It works fine on the other two Framework 13’s I have in the office. The other two are intel 11th and 12th gen.

If I try another finger it says something about fingerprint not recognized when its working. When it isn’t working it gives no message that my fingerprint isn’t recognized. It does nothing and I must choose a different method to sign in.

In that case, I would recommend reseating the fingerprint connector and reinstalling the drivers to see if that fixes it. If it doesn’t, you should open a support ticket.