Framework Intel 13th Fingerprint issues - Windows 11

Hello everyone.

I bought a Framework Laptop 13 Intel 13th last year and it works fine wth the exception of the fingerpting. Unfortunately the camera doesn’t have IR which makes it not being supported for Windows Hello.

My experience with the fingerprint has been really bad, it does work but it always stops working completely after a while, to make it work I just need to reset the Windows Hello fingerprint setup and do the setup again, which is getting really old.

I have been back and forth with Framework support, even had a replacement of the fingerprint and the issues still remains. From the behaviour this looks like some issue with software/drivers.

Not sure where to look for logs or how to troubleshoot this further.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi and welcome.

You don’t say
a) what Windows you are using Win 11 I expect
b) and I’m sure you have the correct driver package for Gen 13 as you have been trying to sort with Framework.

Generally I’ll be of no help as I don’t use the Fingerprint reader and have no idea what Windows hello is that would require infra red . :slight_smile:

So hello:

EDIT: Just read up on Windows Hello :frowning:

When your fingerprint isn’t recognized anymore, are all devices shown fine (without exclamation mark or so) in the device manager (devmgmt.msc)?

Because you need to set it up new, it could also be somehow related to the TPM. You might check the status of it when the problem occurs again (tpm.msc and devmgmt.msc)

The eventlog looks fine?
But I guess it would be hard to find something useful in this scenario.