Framework 13th Gen Intermittent Issue - USB, Fingerprint, Slow Boot

I have been having an intermittent issue with my Framework 13 13th-Gen Intel system running Windows 11. Seemingly randomly my laptop will lose the ability to see any USB devices when they are plugged in with no error in windows. In addition to this it will also begin booting very slowly and output on the diagnostic light with 12 green lights, an orange, and 7 more greens. From what I’ve read this seems to report there is nothing wrong, but it seems like odd behavior. Finally the finger print scanner stops being detected entirely not only in windows, but also when redownloading drivers from the driver bundle. This issue initially began after going from dual-booting Linux Mint and Windows to just booting Windows. I’ve tried everything from redownloading drivers, reinstalling windows, and completely wiping my SSD. Open to answering any questions if it would help find out what the hell is going on. At this point I just want answers and maybe a solution so I can prevent this from continuing as it is very inconvenient.