Fingerprint Sensor slow on Start-Up

My fingerprint sensor is slow on start up. It takes multiple attempts and a couple of seconds to unlock.
However it is really fast besides that. For example logging into my device after sleep mode works fast.
Is there an obvious reason for that?

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Hi, I am having the same issue. Which OS are you running? I am running Pop! OS 21.04. The fingerprint takes about 3 seconds to unlock the computer. My roommate runs a KDE ubuntu and unlocks pretty fast.

@Eric_Elric I’m running Pop OS too. Which instructions did you use to set up the fp sensor? I’ve seen a few different ones floating around the forums.

I followed this instruction:

# Install fingerprint
sudo apt update && sudo apt install libpam-fprintd
sudo pam-auth-update

I also tried several methods. This is the one work for me.
If you have store some fingerprint before, the system might not be able to delete the previous one and will not allow you to register the same fingerprint twice, you could search for a script to delete it and try again

Just before you posted that I got it working:

sudo apt install fprintd
# reboot
# go to settings > users and add fingerprints
sudo pam-auth-update --enable fprintd
sudo pam-auth-update #make sure [*] is next to fingerprint
# reboot

I’m now able to login on Pop OS with virtually no lag at all. Wondering if there’s a difference between libpam-fprintd and just fprintd?

I realise i should have added my operating system.
I have Win 10 installed on my Framework