Firefox tab issue with new laptop, from hw, or os, or sw?

This is amazingly bothersome. I come from using a MacBook Pro for years and I am (mostly) happy with this laptop. But.

I use Firefox. I use a lot of tabs in my windows. Now, when I go to a tab to bring it forward, the default response seems to be to close the tab. Which is not what I wanted! Because I clicked on the tab to open it. :–)

So, is the problem that this laptop trackpad has a different area for left-click vs right-click? If so, how can I modify that? I have to drag myself to the very far left of the trackpad to get a left-click. Why should this be diificult? I actually want the left 2/3 of the trackpad to go to left-click. How can one do this?

Is it the OS? Setting preferences in ubuntu (20.04.3 LTS) is not like setting them on the Mac. There are a lot less options in the Settings app. I suspect I can change many more things in the CLI, but how do I find those?

Is it just Firefox? I know the linux versions have some quirks. Is this just one of them? Or is it an actual error? Should any kind of click on a browser tab cause it to automatically close? Why would that make sense?

It seems strange to come to the site for this, but I syspect other people here are dealing with a combination of new hardware, new software, new settings and old fingers. When a problem is from one of several layers, one cannot just g**gle it. The responses are too generic. Anyway. Any suggestions or questions would be helpful.

cheers - ray

Firefox on Linux uses middle click for “close tab”. Not sure what Ubuntu’s default is, but on Fedora I’ve enabled the option to emulate middle click on the touchpad using a 3-finger click/tap. Is it possible you’re somehow middle-clicking on these tabs?

Yes, it is very likely. And I will turn this off when I find the option.

I suspect that I will want to find out how to disable the middle-mouse button for all apps. I have been using only left- and right-button mice for a while. We will see.

much thanx - ray

FYI, I have switched the trackpad, using the gnome-tweaks application, and now it uses a one-finger click for the left-mouse, a two-finger click for the right mouse and the three-finger click for a middle-click. Since I never want a middle-click, it is easy to not use 3 fingers on a click because, well, who would. And the two-finger (while not completely reliable) is good enough. It is nice having an open system that has things like gnome-tweaks.

And then I switched it so that the trackpad is off when I was using the keyboard. When I was typing anything, my palm brushing the trackpad would make the text insertion point move randomly. And I switch it back when I am playing minecraft. I think that the only time I will need both keys and the trackpad to be active is when I am playing an RPG.