Right-click on trackpad an issue (Xubuntu 21.04)

So, I know there are other threads on the trackpad on Ubuntu and I’ve looked at those. The issue I’m having is that I can’t right-click on the trackpad unless I do it in the lower right corner. This isn’t good for me, becuase on XFCE I need to right-click while holding down the ALT key to resize a window. Doing this in the lower right corner means I run out of trackpad in just a less than a centimeter of drag room.

I need right-click on the center of the trackpad. Tried to two-fingers, three, spacing them farther apart. Nada. And I see nothing in XFCE settings for right-clicks.

Thoughts on this?

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I am experiencing the exact same issue! If you find out what’s up let me know!

I solved this today by installing gnome-tweaks.

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I second this. In Pop!_OS, I had to enable Middle-click paste in the Keyboard and Mouse section of gnome-tweaks to have the right click work like I’m used to.