[RESPONDED] Touchpad Right-Click Ubuntu 22.04

I recently got a framework 13 (12th gen i5), and set it up to dual boot Windows 10 pro and Ubuntu 22.04. So far I’m loving it. However, there is one issue that keeps driving me up the wall, and it’s that the touchpad is stupidly sensitive, especially when right clicking.

Whenever I right click it also left clicks immediately after, instantaneously selecting whatever option in the right-click menu is under the cursor. I’ve noticed this issue particularly on when I’m web browsing on firefox.

It’s a standard 22.04 install and I have installed gnome tweaks, and It’s able to temporarily solve the problem by having it alter the touchpad so the lower right corner inputs right click only, but it only seems to work for a few minutes, and then it resets itself to the default behavior, despite nothing changing when I re-open tweaks to check. Going into settings and setting the touchpad to use clicks instead of two-finger tapping does nothing, and the problem still persists. I’m about ready to tear my hair out.

All the forum posts I’ve seen seem to be related to issues with other display servers for ubuntu, or with the touchpad not working at all, nothing for standard 22.04 or right-click.

Has anyone else experienced this and do you all have any suggestions?


Hello @Isaac314

Welcome to the forums,
that’s an odd behavior, but can we make sure it’s not some misconfiguration on gnome?
by running the 22.04 ubuntu live and fedora 38 live and see if clicking issue persist?