Firmware initialisation is (relatively) slow during startup

systemd-analyze says startup on my laptop takes 12.1s of which 6.9s is spent in firmware. Is there anything I can do to make this faster?

I have the same problem, my computer is very slow to start :

Startup finished in 20.873s (firmware) + 5.810s (loader) + 2.602s (kernel) + 1min 1.335s (userspace) = 1min 30.621s reached after 1min 1.315s in userspace

Someone ?

@LEROY_Thierry framework is only responsible for the startup time spent in firmware, which for me is around 6 seconds. It seems to take around 20s for you. The good news is you should be able to get it down to 6s like me because the firmware in both of our machines should be the same.

I have the latest BIOS installed and I have fast boot enabled. I think I also disabled some USB initialisation in firmware settings.

The majority of your startup time is in userspace. This time is spent starting up the operating system you installed along with all of the apps and services that you may have installed and enabled to start at boot. Framework can’t do anything to speed this part up.

You can understand what is taking up this time using the systemd-analayse critical-chain and systemd-analayse blame commands. If you share the output of the commands here I’d be happy to help you figure out what’s taking you so long.

Also compared to your results it seems funny that I was complaining about 6 seconds. Gotta go fast though!

@LEROY_Thierry my guess is you are booting while docked or attached to peripehrals and one or several are behaving badly, either bad cables, or perhaps an external harddrive?

@nadb what leads you to believe it could be a misbehaving cable or dock? Usually slow userspace startup is because of many services or slow services (or both) starting up at boot.

systemd-analyse critical-chain should quickly tell what is taking up that time.

@bians it is not just slow userspace it is slow firmware followed by slow userspace. The slow firmware is what leads me to believe it has an issue seing or connecting to something during the pre userspace phase and then this is compounded on the userspace side as it continues to wait until the 90s timeout before it proceeds. Slow services are often caused by an item it is expecting to see but does not. Lastly I just had a similar issue with a bad thunderbolt 3 cable causing a similar issue during boot.

Device init slowing down firmware makes sense to me. I’m not sure that this can fully explain userspace init being slow. We shall have an answer on that if the OP updates this post

Gen 11 65
Dual boot Win 11 and Ubuntu 22.10 on expansion card.

12 to 13 seconds to get Grub2 up and showing, so during that time all of my pathetic life passes before my eyes, again and again and again . . .

I’ve updated the firmware from 7 to 10, it’s better : 7.162s for the firmware.