Very slow cold boot time

I am running Pop!_OS 21.04 on my DIY edition with a Samsung 980 PRO SSD. I am using full disk encryption configured during Pop! installation. When I boot my laptop for the first time in the morning after hours of being off, I have been seeing crazy load times, upwards of 60 seconds before the Framework logo even comes on. Has anyone else been seeing this?

There are zero external devices plugged into the laptop during boot, so it’s not hanging on USB devices. When this happens, the power button lights up when I press it, and remains on for about 45 seconds, then it turns off and turns itself back on again a second or two later. 15 seconds after that, the Framework logo appears and moments later it’s ready for my password.

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Do you see any blink code on the small LED on the side, next to the expansion cards?

Good call, @Atul_Ingle

During the 45-60 wait, the LED blinks green the whole time. Once the power button LED goes out, the small one starts back up with 1 white, 12 green, 1 red, 1 blue, then I lose count. I’ll make a video and attach it or link to it in a little bit.

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I uploaded a video to Youtube. If you want to skip ahead to the part where the power LED goes off then comes back on, jump to the 50 seconds mark.

Referring to the information here: My Framework Laptop is not powering on

The error codes from blinks are as follows:

  • all 12 diagnostic tests pass (flash green)
  • post code 26 (assuming Little Endian, bit 0 is the least significant bit and bit 7 the most significant)
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By chance, is your BIOS set to fast boot? ( I can’t remember what the exact option is) but its the one that does a full mem test (if off) and system test on cold boot. If it is not enabled, when you enable that, do you still see the issue? ( I can’t remember if its fast boot, i’m on my now so cannot check.)

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@dcdruck that is indeed unusual behavior and not a normal boot sequence.
At the beginning of your power on sequence the led is blinking green not due to an error code but because I think your bios is entering memory training and then something happens and it retries several times until the power button turns off which i think is the cpu doing a global reset. After that it seems to do something similar a few times and also has the error codes mixed in which makes it difficult to see what they are.

I would suggest you try removing the main and RTC batteries for about 15 minutes and then reinstall them. removing the RTC battery will reset some of the memory training saved setting and force the system to retrain.

Also what memory are you using?

Thank you, @Kieran_Levin

The memory I’m using is the Framework-supplied Crucial CT8G4SFRA32A.M8FRS in a 2x8GB configuration.

I will try removing the main and RTC batteries tonight after work (I’m using the Framework for work at the moment otherwise I’d do it now). I’ll post a reply after testing.

@dcdruck we have the detailed instructions for this at the end of the article here: My Framework Laptop is not powering on

Thanks for the advice all. The issue seems to be better. The system now initializes and starts up in a time frame I would expect, and I’m no longer seeing the POST code flashing at all, so that seems promising. If anything changes or this regresses, I’ll update this thread but hopefully it’s good now.

I wish I had waited for that link before trying to remove the RTC battery yesterday because of course one of the four little arms holding the batter snapped off when I was taking it out. I’m hoping it won’t cause the RTC battery to not make a solid connection. I put a small piece of electrical tape over it to ensure it doesn’t move around. My fault though. I had looked through the how-to guides for an RTC instruction, but I didn’t see one. As it turns out, it’s in the knowledgebase instead.

I’m getting the same post code 26 again and semi slow boot but not nearly as bad as before. Do we know what these post codes mean?

Could you post a video? The first video was not able to decode a post code so I am not sure if the post code is valid since there seemed to be other stuff going on.

Hi, @Kieran_Levin I uploaded a new video with a better angle. Note that the color of the LED is tough to make out looking directly at the LED, but it’s very clear if you look at the reflection of the LED on the desk beneath it. Also note, I slowed down the video speed to make it easier to decode. After the amber, I see G B G B B G G G. I came up with 26, assuming the first G is the least significant digit and the last G is the most significant.

I can’t figure out how I embedded the previous video, so I apologize for the out-link this time.

Boot code is 0x1A which is in usb driver initialization. However it may be hitting that due to spending some additional time in the boot. I would suggest resetting your RTC battery one more time and letting the laptop charge for about 24 hours.

So I did decode the LED correctly, which is good to know for next time. The issue hasn’t happened in a few days, so I don’t know what that means. If it happens again, I’ll perform another RTC reset. Out of curiosity, does “usb driver initialization” refer to initializing the internal USB interface in the laptop, or does it refer to initializing a USB device that’s plugged into the laptop? I don’t recall if anything was plugged into the laptop this most recent time or not. The previous times, I know nothing external was plugged in.

I did end up doing the reset again a day or two after my last reply. Today, however, another very slow boot happened and this time the post code was 0x41 (or 65 in decimal). I don’t have a video of this one.

I also notice that often times, including this most recent time, the state of my Function Lock (Fn+Esc) resets, suggesting low-level settings are getting lost when the computer runs into these issues.

I got another slow boot with the 0x41 post code today.

It’s been a while, but wanted to report that issue never went away. It still occurs nearly every time I power up, or so it seems. The past several times I’ve been able to see the LED blink code, it was 0x01 (one blue followed by seven green)

I did another reset by removing the RTC battery and disconnecting the main battery for several minutes. When I put it back together and booted, I got code 0x31 (B G G G B B G G).

Does anyone know if the post codes are documented somewhere? It would be helpful to know what these mean. Every motherboard and most other computers I’ve ever bought included a list of post codes and blink codes in the manual, so I feel like this information should be somewhere on the site and I’m just not finding it.