Framework boot speed

Curious about improving my Framework’s boot speed. It takes about 20 seconds from a cold start to Windows 11 logon “chime” sound. I remember having an old desktop that booted in about 8 seconds years ago, wanting to get similar performance now. I got the 500GB WD Black SN750.

What kind of boot speeds are you getting? Linux, Windows 10/11? Any tips on improving boot speed?


I never thought to time it… but I use Windows 11 and I don’t think it takes 20 seconds… maybe half that… then again I don’t pay attention to that really (20 Seconds is way better then when I started in I.T. over a decade ago LOL) When I get a chance I will time it and let you know :stuck_out_tongue:

on elementary OS, takes 26 seconds from hitting the button to login screen. granted there’s grub and typing an encryption password included in that time.

Just getting to grub takes almost 10 of those 26 seconds though. on 3.06 firmware

Windows 11
Bios 3.07
16.5 Seconds until I saw the Windows desktop (Includes fingerprint login)
about 12 Seconds from button push to Framework logo going away!

… could have sworn it was quicker… but that ain’t to shabby!


Similar, although Windows 10 and coming from hibernation.

I believe the self diagnostic at POST is going to happen regardless of the OS you are using.

I saw about 20-30 seconds when resuming from hibernation on Ubuntu, this was because I was restoring a 64gb image off of the expansion 250gb ssd. In that context it was REALLY fast, just not faster than Windows, which is using compression and not worrying about empty space. (speaking about the hibernation image here. My system has 64gb RAM, and so the image on Linux must be that size.)

On an 1165G7 Core i7 with Kubuntu 21.10 it is about 20 seconds to get to the “chime sound”. I don’t have mine set to automatically login so there is an additional delay after that 20 seconds for me to type my password.

About 6 seconds until the Framework logo appears, and another 10 seconds until the Framework logo goes away and is replaced by the Kubuntu logo.

Did some testing and recorded times to Framework logo popping up and when I heard the chime. Noticed I have some significantly better boot speeds when it is not docked, using a Dell D6000 docking station.

Time is in seconds, rounded to the nearest whole number.


# Framework Logo Windows 11 “chime”
1 18 23
2 16 24
3 14 20

Not docked:

# Framework Logo Windows 11 chime
1 13 18
2 8 12
3 9 13

I didn't think of checking the BIOS version @DannyT. I'm running 3.02. I'll upgrade to the latest and run another round of docked/undocked trials.

I’m using i5 with a 500gb SN750 on Windows 10 and it takes about 16 seconds from pressing the power button and using my fingerprint to get into my laptop. not sure if that’s slow for people now, but it definitely beats my old laptop that took several minutes.

i5 DIY
Hynix P31 500GB split into 5 partitions

Very repeatable cold boot times for me:

9 seconds to rEFInd select screen, choose OS naturally in less than 1 second, then

20 seconds total from power button press to SDDM greeter (on both EndeavourOS and Fedora 35 KDE respin).

Windows 10
Bios 3.07
9.41 seconds From power on to fingerprint login
1 more second to desktop after fingerprint login
This was done on battery power. (97% charge)

1x 32GB DDR4-3200
Edit - added memory

What is the amount of RAM in your laptop? I ask because I see a significant amount of time the first time the BIOS boots (after a reset of a change in any of the seetings) compared to the second or third time.

I am using Linux, but a cold start up from the NVMe is about 5 seconds faster than booting the OS from the 1TB Expansion card.

Hope this helps :neutral_face:

The issue here is not the hardware but the OS, windows takes a very long time to boot doing god know’s what. Booting into my opensuse installation (linux) takes less than 5 seconds! I’m not counting the bios post but the time it takes to boot the OS and load into the desktop to the point you can start working.

This isn’t a hardware issue. Booting into Arch Linux takes less than 5 seconds.