[FIXED] Problem with booting win11 on AMD Ryzen FW13 DIY

Hey everyone,
Just got DIY Fw13 AMD Ryzen 7040 series, have one Kingston 32 GB RAM and one wdblack sn850x 1 tb SSD. (RAM from Amazon and the SSD from a local distributor: Mediamarkt)

After getting everything together, I went and downloaded the windows 11 disk image (iso) for x64 devices + downloaded Rufus to use the window 11 installation on the fw13 (AMD version), got myself a 32 GB usb stick (didn’t have anything else around), then followed the guide for the win11 installation from step 4 to 6 … So and now it’s saying “Could not locate ‘efi\boot\bootx64.efi’: [14] Not found

Yea what should I do now? Btw I’m not that big of a megamind on programming but would be a godsent for help


Even after going to the files and entering bootx64.efi it stills reverts to the 14-not-found-situation

""Edit: I fixed it with the help of the framework discord:

Alright so I got the Microsoft windows media creation tool instead of Rufus, then got myself a new usb stick, let the installer install the needed things on the usb, after that went to my Fw13 plugged the usb stick in - turned on the fw13 and followed the setup, clicked through the dialogs until it asked me to get on the internet. Then, (I did what the discord moderator told me to d) exactly this: Press Shift+F10. A command prompt should show up. Type in exactly oobe\bypassnro (no spaces, nothing) and press enter. It will restart this part of setup. You can then click a new button that says “I don’t have internet” and it will let you make a local account.

After that I followed the guide for the driver bundle from Framework