Fn Lock not working - windows 11 professional

12th gen framework laptop, fn lock (fn + esc) not working. when pressing fn + f2 (lower volume) or fn + home, works fine. I’ve rebooted, driver pack installed, BIOS updated, no change, behavior is consistent and doesn’t change with multiple reboots.

example: on a webpage, if I press fn + home, page scrolls to the top. If I press fn + esc (for function lock) it does nothing. Is there a setting in Win11 Pro that I need to change, had a look but didn’t see anything immediate.


Just to confirm, what are you expecting fn lock to do?

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Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

fn + esc = Lock the fn key . . . then the sound and screen brightness keys won’t work. The Sound up is now [Find] in Firefox

Morpheus636 - apologies if it isn’t clear in the original post. What I expect fn lock to do it lock the keys functionally. For example, when I press fn lock - the volume up / down / mute, screen brightness, etc. all on the F keys, function as volume up/down… without pressing the fn key + F key of choice. What I’m asking / presenting is that Home/End/PgUp/PgDown buttons only work when I press the fn key. This should not be the case, those keys aren’t tied to an fn on most keyboards. For example if I want to highly an entire sentence, typically I would press shift and Home and the entire portion would be highlighted. On my framework, I need to press fn + shift + Home to do that. Same for when surfing - to get the end of a webpage, need to press fn + End. I should not have to press fn for that operation. Thus I was wondering if I’m missing something. Thanks

The Esc+Fn (Fn lock) does work on my Win11 pro. Took a while to figure out that it only locks the F keys into their various F functions. I agree with Carter that being able to lock the Arrow keys into their Fn function (home, end, pgup, pgdn) would be a lot more useful to me.