For those of you looking for a fully upgradable phone to go along with your laptop

I know many of you are all about that diy life and upgradable/user replaceable devices which is why you bought this laptop. I wanted to bring attention to the Pinephone it’s a Linux phone that’s $200 and is fully serviceable (they even put out a upgraded main board). I am not affiliated with the company however I do own one and have even bought the new main board to swap into the phone. Figured some of you guys would find it interesting.


There is a ShortCircuit review on the youtubes about it: This $200 phone can do ANYTHING!!! - Pine64 Pinephone - YouTube

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I’ll wait for the framework mobile :rofl:


There is also the TeraCube 2e ( And if you’re in Europe, the FairPhone. Both run stock Android, though not always the latest release. I reviewed the TeraCube here:


I ordered a Pinephone recently since my iPhone 7 has been dying for a little over a year now, and it’s really starting to be painful to use. With iOS or Android, I don’t feel like I own my phone, I just rent it from Apple or Google. So having an independent option is pretty cool, even if the ShortCircuit review makes it seem about as painful as using my current phone.

yeah, unfortunately the “open” phones seem to be rather…slow. It’d be nice to have one with a 700 series snapdragon at least but I suppose financial viability must not be there.

I wish somebody would make a fully upgradable feature phone (KaiOS is the os that most feature phones use)

A framework mobile with CalyxOS would be my go-to phone.

+1 for pinephone. I own one and it’s a fantastic device. I’ve even upgraded the motherboard to the newest revision with more RAM and storage. Is it slow? yeah, but it does almost everything it’s supposed to, and it’s fixable should something break.

@PixelPaintbrush you can upgrade the motherboard? That’s fantastic… you say it’s slow but can it do email, twitter, and youtube? (That’s really all I would need it to do)

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@yessikg Absolutely can do email, twitter, and YouTube. Just don’t expect 1080p. 720 works decent enough though! just gotta be patient sometimes to do the email thing, sometimes it hangs…but hey, open sourced, fixable, and a VERY friendly community just can’t be beat.

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@PixelPaintbrush That’s awesome! Which OS do you recommend for it?