Framework Cell Phone

It sure would be cool to have a modular Framework cell phone to go with our modular Framework laptop. I hope the idea is worth at least exploring for the future of this company.


Slow down there buckaroo, ever heard of Fairphone? :wink:

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If Fairphone ever came to the US (officially), it would be my next phone. I was very disappointed that Project Ara died as quickly as it did.


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I am also sad project Ara died too. One of the coolest concept phones Iā€™d ever seen. Of course Google killed it.


Fairphone will never leave Europe, so it is a moot point for the rest of the world.

I think something to look at would be the idea of Framework teaming with the Pine64 group for a modular phone. They already have their Pine Phone which, while underpowered a bit due to the rather dated chipset, shows what could be done by a small independent company.

It runs multiple versions of Linux OS pretty well as an alternative to Android.

One problem would be the CPU chipset. The Pine Phone runs the rather dated Allwinner A64 chipset. If something like a Qualcomm SD750 or 760 could be used, that would give a solid running chip that is still pretty power efficient. Even better would be the new SD480 series.

Mate it to a modular mobo that could be then conennected to the individual modules (camera, screen, touch ID sensor), and make it have physical switches for each module for privacy and security, and a removable battery like the Pine Phone, then you would have something.

I would think developing a modular phone here stateside would be do able with a bit of thought and research.


I would love to see a Framework mobile running Android!
Qualcomm / Exynos based, with a security chip similar to what pixels do with Titan M, maybe starting with swappable mobo, camera, display,enclosure and battery + accessories.

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