Force shut down mainboard

Im currently working on building my own laptop using a framework 13 mainboard. Its mostly done but I’ve run into a curious problem. While I was copying a file I wanted to put the laptop to sleep. This causes Linux to schedule a shut down. I wanted to force the shutdown so I longpressed the powerbutton expecting the laptop to shut down. It wasn’t. Now the powerbutton I’m using is soldered to the secondary powerbutton pads on the back side. Does that cause the laptop to not force shut down or is that problem also present on the primary power button and does anyone know a solution to force a shutdown?

Pull the power.
I read that holding the power button just does a hard shutdown, aka cuts power. And that’s always the way it’s acted on any computer I’ve had. Sometimes you even hear a noise from the speakers as the power is abruptly cut. Of course, it’s a last resort, which you should do if you have another option.

Holding the power button down forces a hard shutdown. However, if you are in standalone mode (no battery) and the AC is connected (as it must to power the mainboard) then in these situations the LEDs will be on, but the device is off. This can be confused with the device being on. However, upon closer inspection the fan is not running, and keyboard, mouse input does not do anything.

One other thing I’ve noticed is that when the computer is hibernated or shutdown, and AC power is attached, all of the USB C ports remain powered. When only on battery power alone, this is not the case.

Just something to know. I’m using a 13th gen mainboard, and behavior is not necessarily identical between mainboard generations.

Im not in standalone mode. The battery is connected and no ac power connected. I’ve thought holding down the power button does a hardware shutdown but it doesn’t do that. I’m on first gen motherboard.

It does, and if you hold the power button down for 20+ seconds it will also reboot the embedded controller (which manages the keyboard, LEDs, and battery.)

Hi found the problem. Turns out my soldering was crap. Improved it now its properly hard reseting.