Forward compatible motherboards for intel?

With the development of new chip archuitecture, will motherboards be able to be forward compatible? AMD would make sense as they use backward compatible chips, but with Intel, they throw out new motherboards every 2-3 years. Can anyone educate me in this subject?

They’d be compatible with the laptop, yes, just a drop-in replacement in the same form factor, but not compatible with each other.

Since these CPUs are soldered-in and not socketed, they’re not even compatible with other CPUs of the same generation.

Not a good situation but that’s the way it is and not even the really big companies like Dell, HP and Lenovo can do anything about it.

Then there’s the other items on the mainboard. The next generation of both Intel and AMD use DDR5 memory (Intel can optionally use DDR4) so the memory slots need to be changed out anyway. That needs a new motherboard even on the desktop.


Thx! I didn’t think of that.