Framewiki link

Just thought I’d drop this link here, you can contribute to the wiki if you would like. @Morpheus636 did most of the wiki.


Nice. I have no idea if anything like that already existed.
Seeing the logo made me smile, but I suspect that is might be considered controversial. A picture of the laptop would be safer.

It’s a wiki.
If you think you can improve it, don’t ask permission.
Just delete nrp’s face and replace it with your boring laptop photo

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We have to be careful when picking that image not to pick anything that looks too official (it can’t have the logo, for example). The GigaNirav image is a common meme in the official Discord, and it makes it pretty clear that it’s unofficial.

It was originally intended to be a placeholder, though, so if you find something that meets those requirements, feel free to contribute. I had been holding off on posting it until it was a bit more cooked but Josh beat me to it.

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this is dope tbh

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