Framework Awesome List - Looking for Resources

Hey everyone! I’m Morpheus, and I can typically be found in the Discord although I lurk here and the subreddit as well.

About a month ago, I created the unofficial awesome-framework GitHub repo (at the suggestion of another member of the Discord, SKDown) to list resources and projects specific to framework in an easy to read and navigate form.

I’m looking for some additional things to post! I’ve got a couple “Request for Comment” issues open in the repo, specifically looking for community-validated storage, RAM, and cases. If anyone has any of those that work for them, it would be really helpful if you would post them in the appropriate thread at Issues · Morpheus636/awesome-framework · GitHub.

Beyond that, if anyone knows of any other projects or resources that you think should be in the repo, please open an issue to make me aware of it. The repo is still a work in progress and theres a lot to be done, so any suggestions are appreciated. I’ll be monitoring the comments here, but it would be great if you could post them in the issues as well for ease of organization. Thanks!


Nice! The following thread might be helpful for you.