Framework 11 RTC to 2 pin cmos battery

There any mod to convert your RTC cmos battery to a 2 pin cmos battery? I broke my cmos clip a long time ago. I still use my laptop sporadically could probably use it more if it weren’t for the nuisance of th me broken clip. I don’t always travel with my tool to reset the battery. Hence the need for a 2 pin connector. I don’t mind soldering too.

Sure. Just need wire connector leads, a battery holder, and some small heat-shrink tubing. I’d suggest a “JST 1.25” / 1.25mm pitch connector. You can get them on ebay, aliexpress, amazon.

But you should have experience with surface mount soldering before trying on an expensive motherboard. Quality solder, quality flux and a temperature controlled soldering iron makes it easier.

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