Part number/source for the RTC Battery holder

So - even after all the warnings, I managed to snap the plastic on my 11th Gen motherboard’s RTC battery holder. Anybody have an idea for a part number of what I’d use to replace it?

I realize that referb 11th gen boards are <$200, but throwing this one out over a $1 surface part without at least trying would rub me the wrong way.

Browsing the website got me to the ‘connectors’ repository and the Interface schematics GitHub page, but I don’t see a BOM anywhere in there - If anybody’s got one, or can at least get me a part number, it’d save me hours of squinting at Mouser’s website.

I’ve currently got a folded-up piece of post-it holding the battery in place, but I doubt that’s very durable or particularly good long-term.

Contact support and they may be able to send you a replacement battery holder.

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