HDMI working on Linux but not Windows?

Has anyone run into an issue like this? I was using my HDMI expansion card for several months, stopped using it for a while and when I tried to use it again it wouldn’t work. It detects the monitor and everything, gives it the right resolution and lets me drag windows to it, but no image actually shows on the screen. I’ve tried multiple monitors - on some it shows one horizontal line while the backlight flashes on and off, on some the backlight just stays off. I’ve also tried all 4 USB-C ports and even tried a second HDMI expansion card.

What’s funny is I also tried booting into a live Fedora USB and the HDMI output seemed to work perfectly there, so now I’m stumped. I tried updating my Intel XE driver (the latest Framework driver bundle for 11th gen is dated December 2021, so figured that was worth a shot) but that didn’t change anything. (Also tried reinstalling that driver bundle from 2021)

I’m not sure what’s causing this issue, but it’s very strange. I’m running Windows 10 on an i5-1135G7 DIY laptop. Maybe it’s an issue with Windows?

Similarily I used the HDMI card on my wife’s Windows 10 Framework 11th Gen, and it worked, but not audio.

I used it on my FW 12th Gen running Ubuntu 22.04 and it worked perfectly.

So yeah, seems like a Windows thing. Perhaps reinstalling the Framework provided driver back might resolve the issue.

I was going to create another thread for this because I’m still experiencing this issue but I realized I had already created one a year ago, lol.

To update the situation – I tried reinstalling Windows, and after I did HDMI started working again, for a few days, then the issue reappeared. Maybe this is happening when the Intel driver updates itself or something? No idea

Is this a 1st gen HDMI card? They did release an updated version (v3). I have been using it with Ubuntu and Windows 11, and it works all the time. Slight delay on audio when resuming from standby, but once it comes in the sound is super solid.

It is a 1st gen card. I actually have two 1st gen cards, wonder if it would be worth trying to do this rework on one of them?

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If you have the skill set for it, I would highly recommend it. Really makes a difference.