Framework 13 12th Gen not powering on

Hi, my framework 13 12th gen Intel no longer turns on, i tried the reset with removing rtc battery and normal battery, waiting 30 minutes… However no LEDs are lighting up at all if i only connect AC power. I also tried several AC adapters and all usb c slots and both adapter, even tried directly plugging in into the extension slots without extension in it.

Any advice what to do? Without any led info i am lost :confused:

well … I’m afraid I found the problem :scream:… Wondering if this will be covered by warranty :confused:

Ouch. Provided you were not doing anything strange with your machine I would suggest it could be under warranty. When did you take delivery of it?

It was ordered and delivered April 2023…I reached out to support… It was just sitting on my desk with me at work, so no, i didn’t do anything extraordinary