[RESPONDED] Framework 13 (13th Gen Intel) will not power on

I daily drive my Framework 13 (13th Gen Intel) for work. After shutting it down last night, I brought it into the office and it won’t power on. I noticed the power button light wasn’t coming on, which led me to see the the lights under the keyboard were on. From there, I held down the power button until those went off and still had no luck booting the machine.

I found this recent post and reset the Touch Pad cable, but still don’t have any luck. While I had the cover off, I hit the power button and there was a red light blinking about three times up on the top left side of the computer by the QR Code about joining the Frame.work team (I have a video but can’t post it here).

Any thoughts/ideas? I have an 11th Gen and have faced the CMOS Battery issue before, but it looks like that’s been removed in the 13th Gen.


  • Framework 13 (13th Gen Intel)
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS


With my power cable plugged in, if I hit the power button a white indicator light comes on and stays lit. This only works with the USB-C port on the left side of my computer, the port on the right side of my computer doesn’t light up performing the same action.

I unplugged the battery and plugged it back in, which when plugged in results in the same red light flashing three times.

Edit 2:
I was able to go buy an SSD M.2 NVMe enclosure and grab all my work files off and get running on a spare machine really quickly. In case anyone needs to get up and going quick.

Definitely want to open a support ticket for this, link to this thread so they can see this is not an OS issue, rather, something happening with the board itself.


I want to provide an update here for anyone else who may have faced this issue. Framework sent me a new mainboard, which I installed and had working for about a week without issue. Today, my computer wouldn’t power on again, with the same symptoms as the original main board going out.

I’ve updated responded to the original ticket and will update after its hopefully resolved without further issues.

General Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Unplug expansion slots, see if any changes (no LED outputs)
  • Remove the SSD and WIFI module, see if any changes (no LED outputs)
  • If I open up the input cover/keyboard and press the power button I’ll see 3-4 red blinks in the in between the right expansion slots. I won’t see the blinks if the cover is closed.

@Joseph_Vellella what happened? (Looks like I am getting the same symptoms.)

@Jonathan_March - I sent them my entire computer after the first mainboard they sent me broke. They had one of their repair centers confirm the replacement board they sent me was broken as well. They installed a new mainboard for me and sent he laptop back.

I promptly gave it to our IT Department and switched over to a Dell XPS. To my knowledge, they have been running the Framework with Windows for the past few months without issues.

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