Replace Display With Aftermarket

Has anyone attempted to buy an aftermarket display and swap it in for the stock one?
I was wondering what connector is used exactly, if I can figure that out and the exact display size it may be possible to swap in a higher definition panel of the same dimensions and connector.

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This guy swapped in a matte screen from AliExpress. Based on the AliExpress listing it uses an eDP 40-pin connector.


@hieros Very nice, And it looks like he got a higher resolution display too.

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@good4y0u Still shows max res 2256x1504, but night and day glare reduction. I had a “paper” screen protector on my tablet (and have tried other “matte” sheets) but have always found they didnt work as well as the (I assume) fully bonded ones.

I have a smidge of backlight bleed in the bottom right corner but only when the whole display is black (And no dead pixels shipping from china to Canada)


On the AliExpress listing, it says “NE135FBM-N41 or compatible model”. What’s the exact model you were shipped with?


@Davy_Bell do you have an image of how this turned out? I’d love to see it. There is a decent chance I go down this road if I order at this point. I’m hesitant because I really want a nice display and a 15" model.

I was shipped the NE135FBM-N41 v8.1

@good4y0u If you look at the posts above I did take some pics. I haven’t had time to do a comparison. I love the matte screen though and its my daily driver laptop with it.

Thank you! Is it pixel perfect? No dead / stuck pixels?

Mine is. It’s packed insanely well and I paid more for the fedex option FYI.

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