Framework 13 potential water damage

I recently spilled a bit of water on my framework 13 running fedora. Aince then it had been randomly blackscreening and loosing audio of whatever i was doing on it, but the light on the finger print reader still is on. I ran it without the battery so i know thats not the issue, im wondering if it is more likly to be main board or display related, any help is appriciated

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You say nothing about what you did.

So did you dismantle, and if so how much? How did you dry it ? If it was anything other than distilled water it would contain minerals etc. that would require ‘cleaning’

i disassembled it all the way down and didn’t see any corrosion but am waiting on some 99 percent alcohol right now to fully clean it, i just wanted to hear people opinions on whether it may be a screen or mainboard issue.

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If you think it could be just the screen, which I doubt, you may be able to connect a monitor to assess that.

If it was just clean water it just may require a whole day of drying while it’s disassembled.

It could of course be poor contacts on all the reconnection you had to a make and I would always suspect the RAM connections first.

I you have 2 RAM cards try just each one only for a while in slot 0, the primary slot and then each in slot two etc. to see if they function the same.

I spilled an energy drink on mine a few days ago. Did two 90% IPA rinses on the mainboard. My only damage was to the screen, keyboard and trackpad. But nothing to the mainboard. Have you pulled diagnostic codes?

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I havnt pulled diagnostic codes because im very new to linux and wasnt sure how to do that

Well if your power button isnt illumnating and your screen isnt powering on you might have to pull Post blink codes like I did. This is what i referenced.

The power button is coming on