Framework 13 Laptop wont power on

Well I figure I’ll lean on the community to see how hard I screwed the pooch per say while I wait for frameworks support team to get back to me.

I spilled liquid on my Framework 13 AMD 7840U, Crucial 24GB (12x2), Crucial P3 Plus 2TB running Windows 11 Pro by the power button area. Powered down and disconnected the battery (No RTC) as fast as I could find my Ifix it kit and proceded to clean with 90% isopropyl and air dry for 12 hours.

Im now getting blink code RGGRGGGGGRGG which based off what I found means Battery connected check Failed, CPU deassert sleep S4 Failed and CPU reached S0 state Faile. All my Start of post code section was green.

My question is, am I looking at a new mainboard to add to my shoping list from my screw up?

Edit: After removing the main board again and sumbmurging this time in 90% isopropyl alcohol, lightly scrubbing with a toothbrush and letting sit to air dry in a warm room for a few hours I was able to get the laptop to boot, still have to replace the trackpad due to not registering clicks sometimes, key board for non functional keys, screen due to liquid damage, and power button acting up. So far the main board seems to be operating like nothing happend.

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Not of any help here but welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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I have been told that the best thing to do after unplugging batteries and power etc. is to remove the mainboard and clean it with distilled water and not alcohol.
If that does not get it clean, you can then use distilled water in an ultrasonic bath.
Once you have it clean, it then takes a long time to dry. For example, in the relatively cool environment of here in the UK, it takes about 1 week. If you have special de-humidified drying facilities you can do it quicker.
You can use the same distilled water on anything else that had stuff spilled on it.

As an example on youtube shows, if a high voltage line was shorted across to a low voltage line, the CPU can often get fried and destroyed.

What type of liquid did you spill on it?

It was an energy drink so sticky stuff. I’ve since revived the laptop after a second rinse in 91% isopropyl. Looks like keyboard, trackpad, display and power button is iffy so ive ordered replacements. Um I’ve heard of using Distilled water works very well. I just perfer 90% IPA, its hygroscopic, non conductive and doesn’t rely on low humidity to evaporate. Just has a tendency to find all the cuts on your hands.